Add Meaning to Your Ride

Jimmy Kicks

In 2018, we added members Randy and Vicky McLean (Moby & Raven). Randy & Vicky have a son named James. After meeting James, all the members took an immediate liking to him. We talked about making James an honorary member but James would not have it, he wanted to earn his patches just like everyone else. So we took a look at our constitution and bylaws and made a few adjustments to allow a special member like Jimmy Kicks in. As the president of KCR, I can tell you that Jimmy has earned every stitch in his patches, he is committed and loyal and passionate about being a member. In 2019, Jimmy has had a lot of first, these are the pictures and videos that captured them. 

Jimmy receiving his full patch. Congratulation hug from Christina. January 2019

Whenever we get out to a bike show, you can count on Jimmy to be the ladies man. 

Jimmy's 29 Birthday...or Ride Day. Jimmy doing his first motorcycle ride. We got him his own helmet and had everyone who went on the ride with him sign it.

Jimmy getting to ride a horse for the first time, also the first time he won a ribbon at a horse show.

First ride in a slingshot!

Jimmy's parents, Randy and Vicky.

Full Patch

Jimmy saying a few words after getting his patch.

Ride Day

Jimmy on his first ride.

Cowboy for a day!

Jimmy riding a horse for the first time.


Jimmy reacting to his ride in the slingshot.